About Cormetrics: Petroleum Industry Consulting Services

Cormetrics Limited was established in 1977 by Joseph Boivin. It has served the oil and gas industry for over three decades providing research and development and consulting services to assist petroleum producing and transmission companies in problem solving of chemical programs and corrosion prevention.

Cormetrics Limited is equipped to provide laboratory corrosion testing utilizing electrochemical and weight loss techniques for corrosion inhibitor evaluations and materials selection. We provide failure analysis to document corrosion mechanisms while reviewing system parameters to comment on mitigation strategies. Recently we have completed further development to the ASTM G205 Standard Guide for Determining Corrosivity of Crude Oils as a means to establish relative susceptibility to transmission line crude corrosivity. Check out our corrosion testing page to view our complete list of services.

The mission of Cormetrics Limited is to act as a resource for the petroleum industry to minimize common production problems associated with corrosion, bacteria, water quality and solids deposition. We will solve our client’s technical issues through laboratory testing and by applying our technical knowledge with our broad experience base. Our dedication and enthusiasm ensures that we always give 100% to each and every one of our customers.


Frank Hornsby - President


Joe Boivin - Associate