NACE Northern Area Western Conference

Published: February 26, 2019 By: Cormetrics

The 2019 Northern Area Western Conference featured nine session categories and four discussion forums across three parallel tracks.

Our own President, Frank Hornsby led the session on Corrosion Mechanisms & Modeling.

The symposium contained technical papers devoted to corrosion, and degradation mechanisms as well as to the methods, models, software programs used to study and elucidate these mechanisms. For information regarding the presentation from Mr. Hornsby please click on the link below or call 403-258-2853.

NACE Symposium Information

Abstract from Franks Presentation:

Most upstream pipeline failures in the western Canadian petroleum industry are caused by internal corrosion. Regulatory requirements for interpretation of failures caused by internal corrosion must consider important factors such as operating parameters, flow regime, produced fluids and gas composition, microbiological issues and the reliability of mitigation programs. Modeling of the environment, understanding potential corrosion mechanism’s and operating practices are critical to identifying the root cause of pipeline failures. Knowledge of the failure mechanism is essential in development of a more effective mitigation and monitoring program. This presentation outlines Cormetrics Ltd approach to pipeline failure analysis with illustration of corrosion mechanisms and the importance of critical operating parameters.